The Swapping Of Suit Elements

It seems as if it would be so easy and convenient to swap out the elements in your suits. So, why is it that you can not swap the trousers in another size from another suit with the coat that you like?

Well, in the past I am sure that you may have noticed that this is an option that is most rarely offered, and there seems to be some good reason why. Why does mixing and matching suit components such as the jacket and pants with another suit not work? The main reason that it is never a good idea for you to mix and match, even if it is just with the trousers and coats from the same type of suit fabric, is because the prevalence of fabric and the variety of dye lot variations.

Normally suits are made from the exact same fabric and will most of the time often end up in slightly different shades, which is due to the naturally occurring variations that are present in the dying process. In other words, there are no two suits made from the same manufacturer in the same model that are often times to be made in the exact same shade. Suit makers are well aware of this and as a result they will always cut both pieces of a suit from the same bolt of cloth.

However, while there are two neighboring suits that may look like the same in the store, the subtle variations may not actually become apparent to you until after you have seen the suit in certain types of light or when it has been dry cleaned a few times. Unfortunately, suit makers do not indicate which suits were made from the exact same bolt of cloth, which will leave you to wonder if they are truly identical as you may have thought. Swapping out the suit pieces can be an expensive risk for any one to take and you may not discover your true mistake until it is way too late.

As a result, you should always count on having your suits tailored instead. A quality clothier of men’s suits will staff their stores with well trained wardrobe consultants, or tailors in much more laymen terms, who will work with you to ensure that an off the rack suit has been tailored to fit you properly and perfectly.

These professional tailors will perform all the necessary alterations, whether it be taking in the seams, moving the buttons, or simply hemming the pants. These types of stores may charge on a per seam basis for all their alterations, so that you only pay for the work that you actually need done. They will also only make a one time charge per seam, so as long as it is feasible to make readjustments, then they will do the work at no extra charge. Basically, this means that should your weight may vary slightly in the next few years, and if so, then you are completely covered.

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