Ulu Boots- A Variety Of Products To Choose From

Ulu was first started as a small, private company based in Burlington, Vermont in 2003. Since then it has come a long way to become a well known brand name worldwide with its varied range of boots to choose from. Whether it is male or female Ulu boots, it becomes hard to resist the temptation of buying one for you. Ulu footwear is inspired by the people and culture of eight countries of circumpolar region. Ulu makes its boots from leather yet in an effort to minimize the environmental impact, Ulu boots are made by leathers from environment friendly tanneries, incorporates cork into the midsole and uses high traction recycled rubber outsoles on all boots. Apart from it, Ulu donates 10% of after tax profits to organizations dedicated to caring for people and the planet.rnrnWhy is Ulu Boots Better Than Others?rnrnUlu boots are designed in such a way that protects you from the harsh elements of winter and provide unparalleled traction and comfort. The Ulu boots are crafted with the highest quality materials, from soft full grain leathers and plush double faced shearling to prevent waterproof styles and shearling lined supportive footbed. The Ulu boots are water proof so you can run around in the snow the whole day without worrying for the chilling water to penetrate inside. It is inspired by the people and the cultures of the circumpolar region where design is driven by function. Named after the handcrafted U- shaped knife that is both a part of living and a piece of art, every pair of Ulu shoes and the boots is carefully crafted from the finest natural materials to provide all day comfort wherever your day might take you.rnrnProduct DetailsrnrnThe boots are made up of warm genuine rabbit fur that are both insulated and waterproof, truly capturing the harmony of style and function. Ulu men’s boots are crafted to deliver the best in most challenging conditions. Primaloft insulation, genuine New Zealand Shearling, waterproof leathers removable orthotic insoles and heavy duty hardware combine to provide the perfect boots for any operation. They are lightweight and durable for all day comfort. Ulu’s women boots combine high quality materials, craftsmanship and unique styling to provide complete comfort. All the Ulu boots come in unique styling and colours. Browsing the net will give you many sites which will reveal details of the various products and price ranges.

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